Strength – Balance – Flexibility are the 3 key elements in achieving true fitness. Connecting your mind and body is only the surface but tapping into the unlimited potential of your body is exactly what each session can do for you.
Explore each element on its own or integrate them all into one unique session.

Be Stronger

the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power, or mental power.

Walking with groceries in each hand, lifting a heavy box at work, climbing a flight of stairs are all ways our bodies display functional strength. Build a strong foundation in your workouts and you will feel invincible in your every day tasks. With focus on alignment and form, resistance exercises combined with endurance and balancing techniques result in a fun, effective and safe workout.

Strength sessions are designed with your goal in mind. Using an array of fitness elements and tools (TRX, boxing, kettlebells, resistance bands, weights, Bosu, plyometrics), no two workouts are ever the same to keep your mind and body challenged! Find out more about Strength sessions!

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Be Balanced

a union, to unite; an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body, mind, and sense of tranquility.

A strong sense of will and flexibility is gained from practicing yoga – both physical and mental. Linking breath with movement allows your body to flow through a sequence of asanas (postures) created specifically for your body. In this one-on-one experience, adjustments in each asana help deepen the stretch, lengthen the muscles, all while calming the mind and being present in your practice.

Yoga sessions vary from Vinyasa to Hatha Yoga to Restorative Yoga – customized to your body’s needs. Find out more about Yoga sessions!

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Be More Flexible

capable of being bent, ability of your joints to move through a full range of motion.

Without full range of motion in your joints, your movements are limited. Once movements are limited, weaknesses develop, muscles are inhibited and compensations occur. Injuries develop, structural alignment changes, and your body will never be the same. This is a chain reaction that can be prevented if flexibility is made an integral part of your workout.

Give your muscles the freedom to move in its full range. Release tension and tightness in your body while increasing length and reducing chronic aches and pains. Stretch sessions help to create space and length in specific and targeted areas using passive/active stretching, yoga and thai massage techniques coupled with acupressure to provide efficient and overall better functional movement.

Find out more about Stretch sessions!

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Be It All

The same workout every week at the gym is not only redundant and boring but your muscles will cease to grow. Your body needs to be challenged, your muscles need to be tested therefore your workouts need to change after a certain time frame.

One of the main goals of exercise is to maintain a strong connection between your musculoskeletal and nervous system. That means being 100% aware of the muscles that you are recruiting to lift up a weight, firing (using) the weaker muscles, and just acknowledging that it takes your entire body to exercise.

A program is designed incorporating all 3 elements of fitness (Strength – Balance – Flexibility) to get you to your goal while always keeping you alert, challenged, and striving to be better. Find out more!

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