One way to start the new year!

Four of my students and I recently completed Dr. Frank Lipman’s Cleanse, a 2 week detox program that resets and recharges your system. It’s my 4th time completing Cleanse and I just can’t say enough. I absolutely stand behind this product and love it!


I’ve tried several other cleanses (Master Cleanse, BluePrint Cleanse, Cooler Cleanse) and I’m just not up for starving, suffering, and dreaming about when I can put a solid piece of food in my mouth. For someone who is physically active and relies on being alert and energetic, juice cleanses just don’t cut it. Most juice cleanses can deprive your body of essential vitamins and nutrients.  Yes, your body will get more than enough of your daily fruit and vegetable intake but what about your fat and protein? Without protein, your body can’t build or rebuild muscle. A lack of fat doesn’t allow your body to function properly or absorb the necessary fat soluble vitamins that help to keep your skin and hair healthy. Plus juice cleanses will leave you lethargic, sluggish, and pretty much useless for the duration.  It’s just not healthy especially for New Yorkers that require focus and strength to make it through the day.

This is the main reason I love Cleanse. A strict but very realistic diet is built around a 3 shake a day program. The diet consists of foods that are gluten, dairy, processed sugar, alcohol and caffeine FREE.  There are some foods that are acidic (tomatoes, oranges, pineapples) and high in sugar (grapes, strawberries) that are to avoid as these foods would disrupt the cleansing process your gut goes through.  But overall you can eat delicious meals using the cleanest foods and still flush and detox your system.  Digestive enzymes are taken after lunch and dinner which help to break down those solids. Snacks are allowed through out the day and glutamine pills are there should you crash sugar withdrawal. What is better than that?

The first week is tough since your body is going through withdrawals and pretty much adapting to a new eating routine.  But second week is the break through.  Your energy level kicks in first thing in the am and lasts all day, your skin glows, you feel lighter (more than likely you’ve lost a few pounds), and the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment is what rides you out till the end.  Of course, there will be times when you want to cheat but it really boils down to your will power and how determined you are to stick through it.  Besides it is only 2 weeks of your life.

Most of my clients have done the Cleanse before and love it.  Most have lost anywhere from 5-8lbs and a few have lost 10-15lbs.  But it’s not about the weight loss.  It’s about learning a new way to eat.  Through the Cleanse diet, your awareness to food and what really makes up the food we put in our mouths is invaluable. Your grocery shopping experience is never the same. The more you understand the Cleanse and what it does for your system, the more you will want to do it, eventually you will only want to put the cleanest foods in your body. It’s a chain reaction that is simply good for you.

I plan on doing it again before my brother’s wedding and again for my wedding (YAY!).  I may not have that much to cleanse since my diet is pretty clean (90% of the time) but it’s still a great way for me to reset.  So ask yourself…

Are you dragging through your day? Do you look in the mirror and feel drab? Is your belly always bloated or achey after meals? Have you gotten sick more than 3x this season or have chronic allergies or aches in your body? Do you want to shed those last few pounds that you just can’t work off? If you answer yes to most, then this Cleanse is exactly what you need. If it makes you feel and look good…then why not?

*I’m proud to have Dr. Lipman a part of my Community.  

Check out his site at Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman. 

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