A MUST on your list…Tulum!

Just returned from a fantastic vacation in Mexico visiting Tulum and Riviera Maya (for my brother’s wedding) and I have truly been transported. My favorite part of this vacation, other than my brother tying the knot, was going back to simplicity…in Tulum.

If you haven’t been already, please put it on your list and visit this one strip of jungle-meets-ocean lined with eco conscious lodging, boutiques, and restaurants. Where electricity and water is conserved and common hotel amenities are few, Tulum allows you to connect with the green of the earth and the sounds of the oceans.

Climbing the Coba Ruins and jumping into cenotes were some of the tourist activities we did but my favorite was visiting Yoga Shala and starting my day with yoga.

Road to Yoga Shala. Yoga Shala located on the right.

Road to Yoga Shala. Yoga Shala located on the right.


Where class was held at Yoga Shala

Downward Dog at Yoga Shala

In addition to class at Yoga Shala, I joined Sherry Sidoti’s retreat group with a morning yoga session that was held in a hut overlooking the ocean. I also had a chance to meditate on the beach, connecting my breath with each crash of a wave. What is better than that?

If you have a list of places to visit, definitely put Tulum on that list. Even if you’re not into yoga or enjoy the more pampering all-inclusive hotels, you will still appreciate how real and natural a tourist city can be kept.

* Sherry Sidoti and I did our teacher training program together at Sonic Yoga. I’m so proud to have Sherry as part of My Community. She is an amazing fitness and yoga teacher and has a studio in Martha’s Vineyard. Please check out her site at Fly Yoga. 

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